What is that kind of mister?
Mr. Pops is an incredible ice cream from Ukraine, which showed that the taste can be super rich, and the combinations can be interesting and bold. When you’re in Ukraine, try Mr.pops’ pear+dorblu ice cream.


The company was the first in Ukraine to start producing popsicles – a fruit-based ice cream. So at the time of launch, this prodct was unique for the Ukrainian ice cream industry.
So it becomes challenging.

A few years after launch product differences blurred, tastes and packaging were copied, and even consonant naming was found among direct competitors: like iPops, iseePopsicle, etc.

As a result, “copies” began to bite off the market share of trueliginal Mr.Pops, and the icecreamlovers often didn’t see the difference.
“But it’s the same thing”, – they said.
Some real battles are going on in Ukrainian popsicle communications:

for the title of the most natural ice cream
for the most incredible tastes
for the most unique production
for the most innovative innovations

We decided to avoid this battle. Entering these territories, we risk merging with everyone and becoming part of a large popsicle noise.

How innovative may be innovations?
Which taste is more incredible: pear+dorblu or mango+salted caramel?
What’s more unique: a fully automated production or an absolute handmade craft?
If everyone makes ice cream out of natural ingredients — is it possible for one to be the most natural ice cream?

Kinda rhetoric. We don’t know either.Mr.Pops’ lovers are very different: this may be student Olya, actress Agatha, director Gregory, and grandmother Svetlana. We focused on the core work that brings all of Mr.Pops’ people together.
How do describe this work in one short statement?

We would say
We’ve found 2 key consumption situations of Mr.Pops:

when you feel really
good and Mr.Pops get it even better
when you are on a
black streak of life, where Mr.Pops “whitens” this streak and lightly softens some injustices.

Mr.Pops’ role in people’s lives:
While competitors talk about the naturalness of ingredients and the uniqueness of production, Mr.Pops makes hard days easier and becomes a good days’ ambassador.

As a
real true friend, Mr.Pops won’t let you down, he understands that life is not an apple pie and sometimes it’s hard to overcome, so meeting him may make things some easier. He’ll try to “white” your black streak of life.

And as a
real true friend, he’ll celebrate your good days with you.
He is an expert in feeling good.
We’ve developed guides on how to feel good and stay in it when you are
happy/sad. We’ve created playlists and made selected walking routes for every state of mood. We have even revised the brands’ distributional chain — Mr.Pops is selling in places where people come in discouragement and where they come to be happy and celebrate it.

Mr.Pops became bigger than ice cream.
A true friend.
After the positioning update, our goal was:

Create a unique brand Tone of Voice
Change the slogan according to the Tone of Voice
Update social media following the brand strategy
To build up against competitors in social networks
Increase sales using social networks
To increase the number of subscribers in social networks.

We analyzed our competitors. To see what approach in visuals and copy they use and to build away from them radically, but at the same time make sure that the content is relevant to our consumers.We chose a collaged technique with hyper-realism.

We made different
flavors of Mr.Pops the main characters of our Instagram. We developed several rubrics in which our heroes get into unusual situations, behave like real people or act as part of something (a bridge over a river, a tower in the center of New York, etc.). At the same time, we kept the main wish of our client and our icecreamlovers –a "tasty" look at the photos. We've also removed the word “ice cream” from our social media usage, and each product is now referred to by its name ("Dorblue Pear," "Butterscotch," etc.)

We added more
jokes, fan, and friendliness in line with our brand personas, and introduced stop words and keywords from being remembered by our consumers.
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