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Sometimes a disaster occurs in families when a child cannot stay with parents temporarily. Then a
foster family is found. This is the family in which the child stays for several months (from 3 to 6) until the adoptive parents are found or until the difficulties of the biological family are resolved.

It was a pilot project by
UNICEF in Luhansk and Dnipropetrovsk regions. They were searching for foster families for children up to 3 years old – foster children of the children's shelter. They planned to spread the practices to the entire territory of Ukraine. And foster families should receive a salary from the state and funds for child support.
Foster parents most often become people aged 40-60.
Why so? We talked to different families and learned that when their children grow up and create their own families, parents are happy, but at the same time they ask themselves the question:
For many people, children, from their very birth, become everything. Dressing, feeding, doing homework, going for a walk – the whole life, apart from work, is devoted to children.

But the time comes when their children move and start to build their own lives.

For many interviewed, becoming into a foster family is an
opportunity to feel younger and to give love again. When you become a foster parent, you get no less than you give!

We decided to choose "mutual aid" as an umbrella message and to reveal the individual motives of each person in a series of thematic videos.
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